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Alex Rider Season 2 is officially in the works at Sony Pictures Television.

The second season renewal of Alex Rider arrives, via Deadline, shortly after the TV series made its June 4 debut, specifically in the franchise’s homefront, on Amazon U.K. However, while it has yet to arrive in most countries, including the U.S., Sony is reportedly close to landing a deal for platforms in the U.S., Australia and China. The show, conceived by U.K. indie company Eleventh Hour Films, saw Sony Pictures TV’s international arm become a financial boon in a 2018 deal that yielded the rights, although the process to find a platform proved lengthy. Incidentally, the show’s June debut represented a quick turnaround after the distribution deal with Amazon was finalized a mere month earlier. The show also has platforms set in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Alex Rider Season 2 may not have a release date to cite as of yet, but production company Eleventh Hour is reportedly planning to resume production sometime later this year. Consequently, it will be at least a full year from the June 2020 premiere before Season 2 would conceivably arrive, making summer 2021 the earliest possible premiere window.

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An Interview with Otto talking about the new show Alex Rider.

The Alex Rider books were loved by so many British millennials – were you as obsessed with them as everybody else?

“I wasn’t a big reader when I was a kid, but Alex Rider was one of the only series’ that I did read. That and Noughts And Crosses. I can remember being about 12. Point Blanc was the book that I always loved most, so when I found out that they were making that book into the series, it was one of those ‘pinch me’ moments.”

The show is about teenagers, but will people in their late ‘20s who read the books two decades ago still be able to connect?

“We wanted to breathe new life into [the story] so that it could appeal to all audiences, no matter what age you are. It’s got a dark edge, it’s action-packed, it’s gritty and thrilling. For younger people who are about 11 or 12, it’s on that cusp of being a little bit grown up that they’ll want to watch it even more, but not so grown up that they’re not allowed to.”

Did Anthony Horowitz give you any advice on the role ahead of filming?

“He took me and Brenock O’Connor, who plays Tom, out for lunch at the beginning, and just said, ‘Look, go ahead and make something great.’ He didn’t want to be too heavily involved in the creative process, and he definitely gave us the support to go out and breathe new life into it.”

Media portrayals of masculinity have changed a lot since the books came out – does the show tap into that?

“I’m really glad you asked about that. In the modern age, there’s so much more support for men and talking about their feelings, sensitivities and vulnerabilities. I think what’s great about Alex Rider is that he wears his heart on his sleeve a little bit. Andreas Prochaska, the director of the first four episodes, asked me to be as ‘me’ as possible. I’m someone who struggles quite a lot to hide my feelings, so that was definitely part of the process.”

There’s a great scene in episode two where you scream lyrics to a Jake Bugg song over heavy metal while being interrogated – did you choose the song?

“It was originally going to be Nirvana‘s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Andreas asked me to go into a quiet place, and I used my car, and gave me a list of about six songs, and told me to play the music really loud and do a little self-tape. I was in my car, screaming along to these different songs with heavy metal music in the background for about two hours. I showed some people the videos, and they said, ‘Wow, you look like you’re really on the edge there!’ And Jake Bugg was the one that fit.”

Lockdown means everyone’s stuck indoors – is Alex Rider just what they need right now?

“I think the world needs a bit of escapism at the moment, and the show is the perfect balance between reality and fantasy. It’s the kind of show that, whatever age you are, you can enjoy it, because it’s a hero… it’s a normal kid who becomes a hero. I think we need a bit of that at the moment.”

Source: NME

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Posted by marcie

Been working on the site we had a bit of technical difficulties, but everything seems to be going better. I’ve worked on the gallery and I still have more photos to add. New scans from TV and Satellite Week and pictures from the play Once in a Lifetime and A Streetcar Named Desire.



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Welcome to the newest site to LucasHQ. After seeing Otto on Alex Rider, I was pretty impressed with his acting in the series. I loved it so much I went to find more on Otto. But because he is a new upcoming actor there isn’t much online yet so this will be your first resource for him. Hope you like the site and come back for more.

I’ll be working on the ground work then build more into it after all the regular stuff is added. I’ll keep you posted.